Sudima Hotels

Contact: Xanthe Smythe
Free Phone: 0800 783 462
PO Box 106584
Auckland City

At Sudima Hotels we have one passion – YOU. We pride ourselves on providing the friendly, personal service to ensure guests have everything they need to have a comfortable stay. But what makes us different, are the little things. It could be a warm welcome, a thoughtful act, a kind word or a genuine smile. They may seem like small gestures, but when travelling, they make a guest feel at home.

• Auckland Airport
• Auckland City
• Rotorua
• Queenstown
• Christchurch Airport
• Christchurch City
• Kaikoura

We are people people! For our guests on holiday we are a gateway to fresh adventure and experiences. For our business guests, we are here at the end of a long day on the road or at the start of a busy day of meetings. Regardless of the reason to stay with us we believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. Irrespective of where guests are coming from, or heading to, we appreciate not many people would choose a hotel bed over their own. It’s a necessity. So we feel a real responsibility to get it right.

Sudima Hotels 
Sudima Hotels 
Sudima Hotels 
Sudima Hotels