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Beam in your keynote speakers as Holograms

By now we are settling in to the new reality that COVID-19 has wrought and thought it might interest you to know that we have adjusted our Hologram offerings to bring out a new design of holograms for events and best of all its more affordable an easier than ever before.

Holograms can bring people who cannot attend conferences, meetings and other events that require them to talk in front to a very important audiences. Event planners won’t be stressed out to fly in every single speaker at a conference and have them go into quarantine for 2 weeks, since a holographic doppelgänger can stand in for them.

Your conferences can still have your international keynote speakers appear on your stage here, without them having to leave their home wherever they are in the world. They step in front of their camera there, and step onto your stage here, either pre-recorded, or in real time.

The holographic set up time is faster, pack down time is faster, and the audience experience is amazing.

Not only that, but we have the amazing Fogscreen plus our New Emotion Fogscreen which has just arrived. Walk-through projection screens to wow your guests as they arrive at your event.

Holoblades, portable holograms which can be made into any size and even have your own holographic greeter welcome your guests.

AR projection mapping. Bring anything to life from small to large.

Virtual people, Live Augmenting Reality and many more amazing technologies to wow your clients.

Interested? Get in contact and we will guide you through your options to create a memorable conference.

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