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Who are Audience Alive?
Audience Alive is a presentation design, presentation training and audience engagement company, created out of the need for interactive presentations that build a positive and lasting relationship with customers, clients and employees. It’s time to banish death-by-PowerPoint and upgrade your next presentation!

Presentation Design
There are 30 million PowerPoint™ presentations delivered every day. Most are poorly conceived, with little time spent on developing structure, content and design. Instead there’s a picture on the right, and three bullet points on the left. Sound familiar? That’s pretty much describing 95% of presentations being delivered right now. At Audience Alive - we develop compelling stories using interactive digital media, motion graphics, video and infographics. We bring your presentations to life!

Presentation Training
Presentation training is crucial for both personal and company growth. If you’ve got confidence in yourself, and your communication skills then this will allow you to better communicate with others in public settings and sell your message. Having, or not having, these skills can be the difference between a great presentation and one that bomb’s. But not many are just born ‘great presenters’. It takes knowledge, time and practice to become an exceptional presenter, Audience Alive’s presentation skills training helps guide you onto the path of presenter greatness.

Audience Engagement
How are you going to capture your audience’s attention for the duration of your event, and in a memorable way? By using the latest interactive tools and solutions to engage your audience and make your presentation, event, pitch or sales meeting successful. Audience Alive knows audience engagement and we know interactive meeting technology!

How do you find Audience Alive?
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