Why Participate

There are many great benefits of participating in the Mentorship Programme for both Mentees and Mentors.

It is firstly important to understand the differences between a Mentor and a Mentee.

A Mentor is …

“an accomplished and experienced professional who takes a special, personal interest in helping to guide and develop a junior more inexperienced person.”

an effective Mentor facilitates learning by engaging the Mentee’s deep learning process, thus enabling the Mentee to fully explore his or her learning experiences.”

A Mentee is …

someone seeking personal and professional development and growth through the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable professional.”

Programme Benefits

For the Mentee:
• Have access to a support system during critical stages of career development
• Improve personal and professional confidence
• Progress towards personal and professional goals
• Gain insight into career development opportunities and expand career network
• Develop new or different perspectives and get assistance with ideas
• Develop mentoring relationships in an industry where mentoring is not readily available
• Develop professionally through comprehensive mentee training
• Complement other training and development opportunities

For the Mentor:
• Gain renewed enthusiasm for the role of expert
• Enhance personal skills in mentoring, listening, leadership, feedback and management
• Personal satisfaction in making a difference, both professionally and personally in someone’s life
• Demonstrate knowledge and share knowledge
• Increase generational awareness
• Gain exposure to the emerging talent pool
• Develop a lasting career network
• Develop professionally through comprehensive Mentee training
• Strengthen mentoring skills and apply them in a range of personal and professional contexts beyond the programme

• Help to develop and grow the professional skills and competence of both Mentees and Mentors
• Provide Members with additional value from their membership with CINZ
• Enhance the professional community spirit through the development of mentoring relationships

How do you know you are ready to become a mentee or mentor?

Evaluate yourself using “The Mentoring Checklist” – Click here to download