Lisa Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer
On behalf of the Business Events Industry Aotearoa Board, Team, and Hawke’s Bay Tourism, I can’t wait to welcome you to this magnificent region for a coming together which I hope ticks many of your boxes. Based at the Napier War Memorial Centre, with sun, sand and surf outside, we want to make sure that not only is this conference full of great content, that you also get to experience many of the things which makes this region so famous, including its food and wine culture.

It was important to us that you gave, and we listened to, your feedback. Reviewing comments from the past and with the help of a Conference Committee from within the membership, I believe we have developed a balanced programme which gives you plenty of time to discuss the big issues, while at the same time hearing from experts who inspire, challenge, and offer a very different perspective from the norm. My thanks to the Conference Committee, for your feedback and insights as well to Blair Glubb from Uno Loco for chairing this group.

Our theme is BEing BOLD, BRAVE and READY. BEing Bold means taking confident actions in the most trying of times. BEing Brave means showing courage amongst the discouraged. BEing Ready is a state of mind as we prepare for the next chapter in the journey. When I think about the Hawke’s Bay and in particular, the city of Napier, we will find many examples of their Bold architecture and their Brave deeds which pulled them through some of the most testing of times. But what is also inspiring is the way the region is preparing itself for the next stage of their Business Events story with strong industry and governance support.

One of the characteristics of this conference is the audience involvement. While we have great speakers, they are there to generate discussion. While they develop some of the framework, there will be plenty of audience participation. But as is also characteristic of our conferences, it’s not all work. Without giving the game away too much, we will enjoy ourselves. That I can promise!

Also, we recognise there are many associations that you belong to, all with their own conferences. Having you join us is something we truly value and we can’t wait to see as many of our industry whanau together in the Hawke’s Bay.