Discover Palmerston North/Manawatu

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Where to find us

The unique geographic location of Palmerston North City, in the centre of the lower North Island, provides a strategic advantage for conference organisers. The airport is only a short 10-minute drive from the CBD, with excellent flight connections to all major centres. The city is also located within a three hour drive of over one million people, making it an easy place to drive to for many.

Scenic Highlights

Bordered by the Tararua and Ruahine mountain ranges, spectacularly divided by Te Apiti – Manawatu Gorge, Palmerston North City & Manawatu offers a unique landscape. An ever-changing world of flat coastal plains, to dramatic rolling hill country bounded by rivers, sea and ranges, it is the ultimate destination to enjoy and explore.

Why Palmerston North/Manawatu?

Conference Venues & Facilities

Palmerston North City offers a variety of options when it comes to convention venues, including purpose-built convention centres, major hotel chains, an iconic brewery, motels, an Edwardian theatre, an international motorsport track and a country club where you can step out of the meeting room and straight onto the golf course or driving range.


Palmerston North City has a great range of hotels (up to 4+ star) and motels to cater for your conference delegates’ every need. Or if you’re searching for a more relaxing pace then there are plenty of rural and exclusive retreats to choose from. With more than 35 conference venues in the city and nearby, more than 3000 beds and support services, the city is well equipped to cater for your next event.

Unforgettable Experiences

There are few places in New Zealand where within 12 minutes from a major city you can enjoy one of our country’s most iconic natural playgrounds, Te Apiti -Manawatu Gorge and come face to face with the sculpture of Whatonga, the mighty warrior of the gorge.

Adrenaline pumping activities abound, such as bungy jumping, white water rafting, and kite surfing. For the cultured among us, a trifecta of museums will take you through New Zealand’s history, from rugby through to agriculture, arts and cultural heritage.