Air Force Museum of New Zealand

Sarah Jane Cave
Business Development Manager
45 Harvard Avenue

No. of Meeting Rooms4
Located just 15 minutes from central Christchurch and surrounded by the historic Wigram Air Force Base, the Air Force Museum offers a truly magnificent setting that will ensure an extraordinary event.

There’s a powerful sense of history at the Air Force Museum of New Zealand, an event space and dinner venue that adds equal amounts of grandeur and sophistication.

Vbase are proud to manage the Thérèse Angelo Wing and the Aircraft Hall on behalf of the Air Force Museum of New Zealand. These spaces are unique in their own right; one is a blank canvas, the other steeped in history.

Formerly known as the Conference and Events Hall, the Thérèse Angelo Wing provides over 1,400m2 of floor space. This incredibly versatile space is ideal for trade exhibitions, conferences and gala dinners. On the other end of the scale, the Aircraft Hall sets an historic and rich backdrop to gala events.

Parking is plentiful here too. Be it room for a Mini or a Lockheed Hudson, you’ll have no trouble finding a place to disembark.

Vbase is a locally-based organisation with a portfolio of Christchurch’s largest and most popular venues, including Christchurch Town Hall, Horncastle Arena, Hagley Oval, the Air Force Museum of New Zealand and Orangetheory Stadium.

The Vbase team are with you from the start. From physical setups to technical solutions and award winning catering, they have the experience and knowledge to help you with all requirements and recommend the best solutions for your event.

Air Force Museum of New Zealand 
Air Force Museum of New Zealand 
Air Force Museum of New Zealand 
Air Force Museum of New Zealand