Eagles Nest

Contact: Adam Howard
60 Tapeka Road

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The Bay of Islands Te Tai Tokerau, is the ultimate maritime playground where the intrinsic romanticism and emotional lure of water is an ever-changing backdrop to world class retreat, Eagles Nest.

Eagles Nests five stunning villas nestled into the beautiful island-like peninsula along a ridgeline that drops into a valley – reminiscent of a huge nest. Ancient eagles once soared the pristine skies and as amazing architects and creative interior designers, they built their homes where now sit the grand nests of the human variety, where gracious, unobtrusive yet attentive kiwis are the kaitiaki-guardians of.

Culinary resources, including fabulous chefs, a superb wine collection and fresh locally sourced foods, are what memorable dining experiences are made of. Spa therapists are available for in-villa treatments and a personal trainer is on hand to help maintain or enhance your regime; all set in Pēwhairangi-Bay of Islands; world-renowned for every water sport known to mankind.

We all dream of the sheer enjoyment of such an exclusive space with panoramic ocean views; this dream is fulfilled courtesy of Eagles Nest. The ever changing skies, ocean, the boats, wild life, sunrises, sunsets are a spectacular magnet, as are the different colors and tones, the sound of the waves and abundant bird life connect us to the essence of life in its natural serene form. The villas at Eagles Nest are a perfect antidote for a hectic, modern, urban lifestyle.

Designed to take full advantage of the spectacular views, large windows open onto sea and subtropical landscapes, connecting outdoor and stylish interior spaces where moments away is the charming historic village of Kororāreka-Russell.

The villas at Eagles Nest are a treasure worth discovering. Profoundly experiential; images and videos fail to do it justice or convey the scale of this perfect marriage of architecture and environment where you become one with Pēwhairangi-Bay of Islands.

Eagles Nest 
Eagles Nest 
Eagles Nest 
Eagles Nest